Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Burial of Mice, Shrew (Pickle), Rat, and Le Chick.

Today, in Kimberley park I buried my dead pets I bought from the St Austell reptile shop, 'Gills and Geckos' that I used for my art project in le part trois of foundation. The guests: me, tom, tom 2, izzy, max & three members of public and a policeman for some minutes. time: about 3 pm.

The result was a mound of petals and a stone inscribed: 'RIP: RAT, MOUSE, CHICK', or something like that. We used cup, hands, twigs and a stone and overall it felt pretty nice to not be chucking them in the bin. I also felt like I was five again, sitting in the mud and digging. At one point a police man came along and told us it was fine what we were doing, as long as we buried it well so the foxes wouldn't maul them up, which was a nice tip. We imagined leaving the park, feeling grave and solumn, when all of a sudden a dog would fly by with mice flying from it's mouth. Hopefully that won't happen? It took some time thinking of the best possible place to have the burial, in the end we agreed that the park was the best option because a) sailing them away on a paper boat in the sea could mean death by seagull- so not very romantic. b) pretty & spacious area for burial. c) better than the carpark. So, this is my first real post, and I think it's been a good idea to start today, as I haven't been so productive in days, and mouse/chick/shew/rat burial is a good way to start it all- I think.

drawings I put up in my final exhibition
I'll put up the text I had in the catalogue soonish.

 mother mice
baby mice
 parent mouse with babies-
 illustrating the fluctuating parenting of the house mouse.
 One minute they're  loving towards their children
- the next they're blood-thirsty killers!

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Leah Carmen Walker said...

the pictures of the burial are b-e-a-utiful, especially the first one

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