Monday, 28 June 2010

ed swears

just some stuff

bloated fox

Binsey church in le summer

What I came home to find: My mum proudly standing in front of the
Slovenian and Ghanain flag (world cup football). And below are photo of
me playing with some old farm animals that I found under my bed!

cat whispering to cow.
rabbit finds it's parents sexin.
BEAR hugs (!!get it?)
bears unite and have baby.

horse &donkey conspire to kill pig- and do so.

righteous turkey


SIMEI'S pidge pidge: pompadou picasso!
This was some fun!.

mysterious floating boat in falmouth.

pc universe in St.Austell- I like to imagine that inside that shop there
are compuers and keyboards floating about in a vast abyss of planets and milkyways. ?.

stale peanut fight in flat 28

drawings and collages in le exhibition.

Izzy's baby pond frogs- very small!

falmouth! and the booby boat! where
lots of small baby boats go and feed off their mum..? :\

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

cat cat

win cat from falmouth

I love lindsay sekulowicz's drawings, she's an artist that does amazing stuff - I saw her work in St. Ives and ever since I've been hooked. I would love to do some of travelling/drawing things she gets up to- like the 'entomological expedition to Malaysia and Ecuador'. I read a small essay type interview on her and she described living in the jungle helping out with the entomologists and drawing away. I love this one so much I could chew it:

and this one:

satisfying words on number plates

Some photos I took of the best sounding number plates around falmouth. VAF BAF! If anyone sees better than these please tell, or photo!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It is always when I am doing something boring, like packing up, and when it's not quite the right time- that the ideas come flooding in. Today I've been inspired to do a project carrying on from my physics project in part two. Back then in the middle of the year, I was more relaxed and playful I guess, and part three came along and I did the mistake of being set on doing something new- which concluded in my project being a bit stuck in a rut for the first part- to only coming together towards the end. In reflection  I was happy with the exhibited pieces- but just not quite enough to feel completely fullfilled. Hopefully writing this all down will help me get on with some work, and not just sit here wishing I had done different things, or more things to my previous project. The ideas I had today revolved around making models of moons, obscure creatures and resin like clumps of obscure bits and bobs. I want this to be more of a summer project- and I really hope I play around with it and do something I enjoy. The images are snippits from my physics project, which are a slight of reflection of my thought process for the 3d models.

Monday, 7 June 2010


egg yolk photo experiments with izzy 

my first nose bleed!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


A couple of nights ago, around a bonfire at Sam's house, mass snail love was discovered. The photos are not the best because I was drunk and it was dark and blah blah but I find it inspiring and I want to draw their love!

 Snail Mass? Mass Snail?

The Burial of Mice, Shrew (Pickle), Rat, and Le Chick.

Today, in Kimberley park I buried my dead pets I bought from the St Austell reptile shop, 'Gills and Geckos' that I used for my art project in le part trois of foundation. The guests: me, tom, tom 2, izzy, max & three members of public and a policeman for some minutes. time: about 3 pm.

The result was a mound of petals and a stone inscribed: 'RIP: RAT, MOUSE, CHICK', or something like that. We used cup, hands, twigs and a stone and overall it felt pretty nice to not be chucking them in the bin. I also felt like I was five again, sitting in the mud and digging. At one point a police man came along and told us it was fine what we were doing, as long as we buried it well so the foxes wouldn't maul them up, which was a nice tip. We imagined leaving the park, feeling grave and solumn, when all of a sudden a dog would fly by with mice flying from it's mouth. Hopefully that won't happen? It took some time thinking of the best possible place to have the burial, in the end we agreed that the park was the best option because a) sailing them away on a paper boat in the sea could mean death by seagull- so not very romantic. b) pretty & spacious area for burial. c) better than the carpark. So, this is my first real post, and I think it's been a good idea to start today, as I haven't been so productive in days, and mouse/chick/shew/rat burial is a good way to start it all- I think.

drawings I put up in my final exhibition
I'll put up the text I had in the catalogue soonish.

 mother mice
baby mice
 parent mouse with babies-
 illustrating the fluctuating parenting of the house mouse.
 One minute they're  loving towards their children
- the next they're blood-thirsty killers!

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