Monday, 28 June 2010

just some stuff

bloated fox

Binsey church in le summer

What I came home to find: My mum proudly standing in front of the
Slovenian and Ghanain flag (world cup football). And below are photo of
me playing with some old farm animals that I found under my bed!

cat whispering to cow.
rabbit finds it's parents sexin.
BEAR hugs (!!get it?)
bears unite and have baby.

horse &donkey conspire to kill pig- and do so.

righteous turkey


SIMEI'S pidge pidge: pompadou picasso!
This was some fun!.

mysterious floating boat in falmouth.

pc universe in St.Austell- I like to imagine that inside that shop there
are compuers and keyboards floating about in a vast abyss of planets and milkyways. ?.

stale peanut fight in flat 28

drawings and collages in le exhibition.

Izzy's baby pond frogs- very small!

falmouth! and the booby boat! where
lots of small baby boats go and feed off their mum..? :\

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