Tuesday, 3 August 2010

phone photos from holiday and home

Some photos from Slovenia and Croatia! The two night ones are from Škofja Loka

rectangular sheep

60's, 70's decor 
When we  were in Croatia a friend of ours lent his holiday flat that has been rarely used since the 70's. We found that everything from the bedlinen to the carpet were dated artifacts and were either brown, orange, mustard of moss green in colour. I enjoyed the naff-feel of it all and am sad to say that he's planning to refurbish. Here are a few examples..

deformed peach

Roadside Ratty

             John Buckley's (sculptor) sculpture in his garden. What is extra special about this are the bees that enter in the
                eye socket,  make honey inside and let it drip from below. He even makes pots of honey from this sculpture!

My mum's friend Magda has her friend Marko Jakše's paintings in her house.
They're really big and I really like them, particularly the bottom one.

 Postcards in scribbler: I find these ones quite funny, but I forgot to see the name of the person who did them.

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