Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It is always when I am doing something boring, like packing up, and when it's not quite the right time- that the ideas come flooding in. Today I've been inspired to do a project carrying on from my physics project in part two. Back then in the middle of the year, I was more relaxed and playful I guess, and part three came along and I did the mistake of being set on doing something new- which concluded in my project being a bit stuck in a rut for the first part- to only coming together towards the end. In reflection  I was happy with the exhibited pieces- but just not quite enough to feel completely fullfilled. Hopefully writing this all down will help me get on with some work, and not just sit here wishing I had done different things, or more things to my previous project. The ideas I had today revolved around making models of moons, obscure creatures and resin like clumps of obscure bits and bobs. I want this to be more of a summer project- and I really hope I play around with it and do something I enjoy. The images are snippits from my physics project, which are a slight of reflection of my thought process for the 3d models.

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