Sunday, 21 November 2010

summer ends, course begins and its already november

              Here I present you with my partridge, Maureen. In the summer, around the month of august, sculptor &        ex-taxidermist Martin Hayward-Harris taught me how to preserve a bird. This proved very tricky
and rewarding, particularly scraping the muscle and fat off. For my 'line project' she was really fun to
draw from, and I can't wait to taxidermy and draw all sorts of interesting animals some time soon.


fun sand

                                                            Baby finally blooms some fluff

                                                          interesting objects of the day:
                                                                       i) kissing candles
                                                                       ii) chicken & it's beloved egg

                                    The holiday land of Mablethorpe: some dusty donkeys and a Very Mystic Peg.

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