Sunday, 6 June 2010


A couple of nights ago, around a bonfire at Sam's house, mass snail love was discovered. The photos are not the best because I was drunk and it was dark and blah blah but I find it inspiring and I want to draw their love!

 Snail Mass? Mass Snail?


. said...

Lara! thankyouu I will make a poster just for you :) I can't believe I missed these snails at sam's I think I must have been too busy drunkenly sawing away at my violin. Can I maybe steal one of these pictures I'd love to try drawing it sometime. missing falmouth - see you at izzy's xxxx

lara said...

aww thankyou! yes course you can! i'd alsolike to try at a drawing i think it would look very interesting! love dove from above xxxx

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